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Wednesday, 24 August, 2022
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Grace Chapel 255 Ross Street Halifax
Brian Forbes

Our current sermon series in James - A Living Faith has been helpful and convicting. We have heard of James' parallels to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, been challenged by insights from the book of Job, perhaps the first recorded Mens’ Small Group, encouraged to be impartial in fellowship and to demonstrate our faith through loving service and sacrifice to others. James is a practical, intentional and genuine appeal to become Men of Grace in character and conduct. I believe it is important both in terms of personal application and as a lens to focus our vision for Mens’ Ministry at Grace Chapel this coming year. 

My name is Brian Forbes. I have recently returned to Nova Scotia and Grace Chapel after sojourning 25+ years through (Plano) Texas and (Ottawa) Ontario. One of the great blessings I received from God during my time away was His leading to serve in Mens’ Ministry leadership.

I would like to continue His call and invite you to join me in a companion study to our sermon series in James at Grace. Through it we can consider both personal application and future vision.

If you are interested, email with “Sign me Up!” in either the Subject Line or First paragraph.

You will soon receive a confirmation email with invitation to download an app called “WordGo” which hosts a four week study in James, coincidentally entitled, "James - A Living Faith".

The app contains everything you need to participate; Scripture readings, daily discovery questions, insights, commentary notes, even prayer time and Zoom link - that you can customize to your unique scheduled devotion time and use during your preferred method of weekly group discussion. The app and content are free.

Once you have completed the first week of daily study, we will meet on Wednesday night, both 'in real life’ (IRL), at 

Grace Chapel (Rehoboth Chapel room) and virtually via

Zoom Online (link to be provided in WordGo invite)


I am looking forward to establishing new relationships and renewing old ones for great fellowship, discussion and vision-casting.

I apologize for the short notice. I understand your August schedule may already be full of important family commitments. Please be assured this is an informal rolling start to hopefully a greater Mens Ministry beginning that we will share before the Fall.

If you cannot attend in August, but want to keep updated, no worries! - email:  with “Please Update” in either the Subject Line or first paragraph and you will receive periodic email updates.

Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself IRL on Sunday morning though! 

I am looking forward to sharing insights in James you have received from the sermon series and personal study!






Interested in registering for this event?

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